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Moscow Travels | Best Interesting and Tourism City in Russia

Moscow is the capital and most popular city in Russia. The city stands on the banks of the Moskva River in central Russia. You would be surprised to know that Moscow is one of the largest cities in the world, the most populous city in the whole of Europe and the city has the most populous metropolitan area in Europe, the most populous metropolitan area in Europe, and the largest city on the European continent. Originally founded in 1147, Moscow became a prosperous and powerful city that established itself as the capital of the Grand Duchess. When Moscow’s Grand Duchess was transformed into Russia’s Stardom, the city remained a political and economic center for most of Moscow’s history. You will find many places to visit in this city. There are many top attractions here that will make your mind very happy.
As the core historical core of Russia, Moscow operates various museums, academic and political institutions, and theaters. The city is home to many Russian companies in a number of industries and is served by an extensive transit network, so you may now have the answer to why the city is so developed, including four international airports, a tram system, and nine railway terminals, a monorail system, Europe’s largest trolleybus fleet, the world’s largest fleet of driving vehicles, and notably the Moscow Metro, Europe’s busiest metro system and one of the world’s fastest transit systems.

Events of Moscow:

  • Usadba Jazz Festival (June)
  • Moscow International Film Festival (June)
  • Russian Fashion Week (October)
  • New Year’s (December 3-January 2)
  • Russian Orthodox New Year (January 13)
  • Russian Fashion Week (March-April)
  • Russian Fashion Week (March-April)
  • Labor Day/Spring Festival (May 1-2)
  • Victory Day (May 9)

Why Go To Moscow:

At the beginning of the trip is a view of the cleanliness and high culture of Moscow. Forget what you learned about Russia in grade school and learn something new. This spectacular capital of the former communist nation has fully embraced the luxury, exaggeration, and decay of Western capitalism which makes the city so powerful today. Mother Russia, like the former Soviet Union, is considered to be one of the poorest countries in the world. However, Moscow has become one of the most expensive, exclusive, and largest travel destinations in the world. It is fully integrated with world-class museums, “face control” nightclubs, gorgeous palaces, $1,000-a-night hotels, and internationally renowned restaurants. Don’t you think you can afford Moscow? Don’t be afraid about your travels. If you are aware you can still look for affordable business or have a nice trip. One of the best chapters of your life will be traveling to this city.


Best Things to do in Moscow:

Russia, the largest country in the world, Moscow is the capital and popular city of Russia. Moscow is a place where luxury is king and where patience takes the front seat in every aspect of life. The buildings in this city are great and laid out, the parks are beautiful and plentiful, and even the subway stations in Moscow look different from the rest of the world. The former Soviet capital has a lot of interesting things from this period, from the gorgeous Seven Sisters skyscrapers that have been closed for the better part of a century to Orthodox cathedrals. Nevertheless, Moscow has reflected itself as a completely modern city with a vibrant social and party scene, incredible restaurants, and several luxury hotels around the world. Here is a list of what you will see and do on this city tour.

  • Visit Red Square
  • Explore St Basil’s Cathedral
  • Visit and enjoy Lenin’s Mausoleum
  • Tour Moscow Kremlin
  • Best things to do at the State Historical Museum
  • Visit GUM
  • Arbat Street
  • Tretyakov Gallery
  • Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
  • Visit Gorky Park
  • See the Sparrow Hills
  • See Bolshoi Theatre
  • VDNKh All-Russian Exhibition Centre
  • Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve
  • Izmaylovo
  • Ostankino TV Tower
  • Kolomenskoye
  • Novodevichy Convent
  • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
  • Moscow City
  • Visit Izmailovsky Market
  • Zaryadye Park
  • Moscow River cruise
  • Patriarshiye Ponds
  • Kolomenskoye Estate
  • Ostankinskaya TV tower
  • Tsaritsyno Museum reserve

Best Places in Moscow:

Traveling to Moscow and St. Petersburg must include these places for the full travel experience of travelers with palaces, monasteries, cathedrals, museums, parks, hills, towers and galleries. Taking you through modern culture, ancient traditions and rich historical history, these places to visit in Moscow are just interesting, good to do, good food, serve everything from restaurants to hotels.
We have put together a list of 20 places you should not miss a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg that will make your trip a lot easier.

  • Hermitage Museum
  • Krestovsky Stadium
  • Peterhof Palace
  • Moskvarium
  • Diamond Fund
  • Losiny Ostrov National Park
  • Ostankino Tower
  • Grand Kremlin Palace
  • Pushkin Museum
  • Kolomenskoye
  • Novospassky Monastery
  • Kremlin Armoury
  • Saint Basil’s Cathedral
  • Red Square
  • Moscow Kremlin
  • Sparrow Hills
  • Cathedral Of The Archangel
  • VDNKh
  • Bolshoi Theatre
  • Memorial Museum Of Cosmonautics

Best Parks in Moscow:

One of the best aspects of traveling to Moscow is visiting the city’s parks and spending an amazing time outside. Culture and leisure parks became a top tourist destination in 2010 when the Moscow government invested in the city’s landscape park and image of a “green capital”. While traveling at the moment, Moscow parks are the most popular places to visit throughout the day with lots of activities. Here you can do whatever you want, such as walking, cycling, playing basketball and volleyball, having a picnic, and lying on the grass.
On the other hand, a person who has never traveled to Moscow may think of it as a concrete jungle. Moscow is very green and has expressed its beauty with beautiful large parks both in the city center and outside. Get to know our pages better to spend an amazing time in this city.

  • Gorky Park
  • Museon Art Park
  • Neskuchny Garden
  • Zaryadye Park
  • All-Russia Exhibition Center (VDNKh)
  • Sokolniki Park
  • Tsaritsino Park
  • Kolomenskoye Park
  • Victory Park
  • Izmailovsky Park
  • Hermitage Garden
  • Bauman Garden
  • Tagansky Park
  • The Apothecaries’ Garden
  • Yekaterininsky Park
  • Morozovsky Garden
  • VDNKh Park

Best Foods:

Although Russia has lagged behind in producing good food items due to the ban on ingredients imported from the EU, now the food in this country is much better. You can get a lot of good food while traveling to Moscow. A lot of high-quality news is served here. Here is a list of foods you will eat while traveling in Moscow. Also, if you are ready to sample the delicacies of traditional Russian cuisine, take a good look at our pages for what kind of food you will eat in Moscow, what restaurant you will eat at.

  • Pelmeni
  • Borshch Moskovsky
  • Blini
  • Dressed Herring
  • Medovik
  • Solyanka
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Olivier Salad
  • Ponchiki
  • Shchi
  • Kasha
  • Pirozhki
  • Pastila
  • Vodka
  • Nalivka

Best Restaurants:

The culinary scene of Moscow, like other cities in the city, has reflected itself with admirable power over these years. Not only do traditional Russian dishes stand out on their own, but local chefs also serve international-style dishes or restaurants for seasonal and regional ingredients. You’d be surprised to know that it added a stunning surprise for first-time visitors, as the city provides equally tempting food from former Soviet republics such as Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Armenia. Moscow is known for its varied and lively food scene, so finding places from the cornucopia of choice can be a challenge. We have a list of the best restaurants in Moscow.

  • Café Pushkin
  • White Rabbit
  • Dr Zhivago
  • Tilda
  • Oblomov
  • Genazvale
  • Ottepel
  • Mari Vanna
  • Probka
  • Shinok
  • Lucky Izakaya
  • AQ Kitchen
  • Semifreddo
  • Severyane
  • Syrovarnya
  • Grand Café Dr. Zhivago Fahrenheit

Best Hotels in Moscow:

The U.S. Here we list the best hotels in Moscow based on News & World Report industry awards, hotel star ratings, and user rating analysis. You would be surprised to know that the hotels in the top 10 percent of the best hotels in Russia have received gold badges. The hotels that will appear after the ranked hotels are selected according to the hotel category and then according to the user rating, provided to the travelers by TripAdvisor.

  • Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow
  • Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • Radisson Royal Hotel
  • Hotel National, a Luxury Collection
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
  • Hotel De Paris
  • Peter I Hotel
  • Boutique Hotel Brighton
  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Petroff Palace Boutique Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Olympiyskiy Hotel
  • Amaks Golden Ring
  • MOSS Boutique Hotel
  • AZIMUT Hotel Smolenskaya
  • SunFlower Park Hotel
  • Sadovnicheskaya Hotel
  • Triumph Palace Boutique Hotel
  • Park Inn by Radisson Izmailovo
  • SK Royal Hotel
  • The Rooms Boutique Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Belorusskaya Hotel
  • Hotel Salut
  • Milan Hotel
  • Hotel Vremena Goda
  • President Hotel
  • Garden Embassy Apartments
  • Alliance Greenwood Hotel
  • Arium Hotel
  • Chemodanov
  • Pushkin Hotel
  • Sretenskaya Hotel
  • Gallery Avenue Hotel
  • Hotel Intourist Kolomenskoe
  • Prince Park Hotel
  • Art Hotel
  • Hotel Ambassador

Best Time To Visit Moscow:

The best time to visit Moscow is (April to May), for the best tour of our life. At this time the temperature in this city goes up to the 50s and 60s, the sun begins to shine for a significant part of the day which is considered a suitable time to travel. Also, hotel rates are much lower at this time. Of course, you have to remember that the golden time is summer, this time the city is warm and hot. But if you want to protect yourself from expensive travel rates, then the best time for you is spring and early autumn. However, you should know that at this time, it means that there is more rain in spring and autumn and less sunshine. It is during this time that you will get a true glimpse of the Moscow experience.