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Mahasthangarh is a place with many burning stories and traditions. It is a very old city which has a lot of memories in the middle of the red-green of Bangladesh. Mahasthan village of Shibganj police station in Bogra district has the ruins of an ancient town known as Pundranagar or Poundravardhanpur in the territory of Pundravardhana. Mahasthangarh, a limestone slab carrying six lines in Prakrit, is mentioned in the Brahmi inscription of the land grant discovered in 1931 as being Christian in at least the third century BC. It was an important city under the Mauryan Empire. The fort area was used until the 8th century AD. Several personalities contributed to the discovery and identification of the ruins of Mahasthangarh. Francis Buchanan Hamilton discovered Mahasthangarh on the first evening in 1808 and found C.J. O’Donnell, E.V. Westmacott, and Beveridge followed. Alexander Cunningham identified the first place as the capital of Pundravardhana. He visited the site in 1879. Mahasthan means a place that means great sanctity and average means fort. Mahasthan was first mentioned in a thirteenth-century Sanskrit text under the title Vallacharita. It is mentioned in an anonymous text Karatoya Mahatma, which was properly established in the twelfth-thirteenth century. The same text mentions two more names for the meaning of the same place – Pundrakshetra, Pundra’s land, and Pundra’s city Pundranagar. In an administrative order in 1855, the place was referred to as Mastangarh, a mixture of Sanskrit and Persian, meaning a place of good fortune.

Top place of Mahasthangarh:

  • Shiladebir Ghat
  • Chunoru Dighi Dhap
  • Kaibilki Dhap
  • Juraintala
  • Poroshuramer Shobhabati
  • Balai Dhap
  • Prochir Dhibi
  • Kanchir Hari Dhibi
  • Lohonar Dhap
  • Khujar Dhap
  • Doshatina Dhap
  • Dhoniker Dhap
  • Mondirir Dorgah
  • Bishmordana Dhibi
  • Malinar Dhap
  • Malpukuria Dhap
  • Jogir Dhap
  • Podmobhatir Dhap
  • Kanai Dhap
  • Dulu Mojhir Bhita
  • Podda Debhir Bhita
  • Rastala Dhap
  • Shoshitola Dhap
  • Dhonbandhor Dhap
  • Chader Dhap
  • Shindinath Dhap
  • Shalibahon Rajar Kacharibari Dhipi
  • Kacher Angina
  • Mongolnather Dhap
  • ChhoutoTengra/ Babur Dhap/ Kethar Dhap
  • Boro Tengra/ Shonyashir Dhap


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