Android 12 introduces smart forwarding

Among the many novelties of Android 12 not talked about through the Google I / O 2021, along with full assist for Bluetooth LE Audio, we additionally discover higher administration of the double SIM inside a smartphone due to the perform sensible forwarding (Good Forwarding). This novelty was noticed for the primary time even in 2019, so Google has been engaged on it for no less than two years.

Good Forwarding will enable Twin SIM smartphones (each with two bodily SIMs and one e-SIM) to obtain cellphone calls on one in all them and, within the occasion of reception or different issues, the working system will mechanically transfer the dialog. on the opposite SIM by sending a request to the operator.

Good forwarding setup. Good forwarding is a function to configure name forwarding to a unique SIM within the system when a SIM is unreachable. The configuration right here specifies a sensible forwarding part that may launch the person interface to vary the configuration. An empty string signifies that no sensible forwarding part has been specified. At present, solely a non-empty configuration of the sensible forwarding part inside the system might be used when a number of SIMs are inserted.

Those that have investigated the matter by analyzing the code of Android 12 (which we bear in mind being open supply) haven’t been in a position to allow the perform in its entirety. Most definitely that is nonetheless a really early implementation that’s nonetheless uncooked.

In any case, the arrival of clever forwarding on Android 12 falls identical to a bean in a interval during which the primary Italian phone operators (and even some MVNOs) are launching their supply with e-SIMs, which is able to quickly increase the adoption of this expertise.


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