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Vitznau, Switzerland

At the foot of the Vitznau Rigi lies the Lucerne Lake valley. This Holiday Resort in central Switzerland is a famous starting point for numerous excursions around the lake, originally and naturally over the famous regional mountains.

On an idyllic bay of Lucerne Lake beneath the spectacular Mt. Rigi, is the perfect place to explore both the Vitznau lake and the mountain. If you are out here, you can embrace the outdoor mountain. Mt. Rigi is a great challenge, but if you are here to relax take the spectacular railway to the summit and 1798metres – Vitznau is 435metres. Panoramic views of the Alps – and perhaps alone in Germany and France on a clear day – are perfect for visiting this resort alone, but it also adds to the charm of Lake Lucerne and the region’s marvelous alpine landscape. The best places to stay in it give great views, it is a great standard but our Guru’s recommendations for the best to stay in Vitznau offers something very special.


It occupies a confined strip between the lake and the Rigi looming behind; At the top of the hill, the railways begin at a Vitznau.

The volume of the Vitznau is 8.9 km2 (3.4 square miles). Of these regions, 32.2% is used for farming, while 56.3% is forested. Of the remaining land, 7.5% is located (buildings or roads) and the rest (4%) is non-productive (glaciers or mountains, rivers). In the land survey in 1997, 56.28% of the total land was forested. Of the agricultural land, 30.38% is used in agriculture or grazing land; or 1.79% is used for orchards or vine crops. Of the populated areas, 4.71% is covered with buildings, 0.22% classified as especial development,  0.11% manufactured industrial, 0.56% parks or greenbelts and 1.91% transport infrastructure. Out of the proportionate areas, 0.11% is unproductive standing water (ponds or lakes), 0.11% unproductive flowing water (rivers) and 3.81% other unproductive lands.


Welcome to the Vitznau Google Satellite Maps! This place is located in the city of Zentralschweiz, in Luzern, Switzerland, its geographical location is47° 1′ 0″ North, 8° 29′ 0″ East and its real name (with diacritics) is Vitznau.

Best Time To Visit Vitznau:

The best time to visit Switzerland in Vitznau is from May to September when you will have soft or pleasant temperatures and are limited to little rainfall. The highest average temperature in Vitznau is July is 22°C and the lowest is 2°C in January. There are 2 types of climates in Vitznau, namely the ocean climate and the tundra climate.

Weather in January-February: As the air is damp (Humidity is 81%) and temperatures are as low as 10℉, you can expect your winter weather in Vitznau during these months. The average temperature is 31℉.  The average rainfall recorded around this time is 69.55 mm.

Weather in March-April: The air is moderate humid with average humidity is being 75%. Temperatures range between 27℉ to 66℉ and it is still cold in Vitznau. The high humidity in the air makes it feel cool, though the average temperature is 44℉.  The average rainfall recorded around this time is 99.8 mm.

Weather in May: A great season to visit Vitznau, the average temperature falls to about 54℉. The weather is excellent for outdoors, the air being moderately humid. This is probably one of the best times to visit the high season in it and tourism. Precipitation is recorded at 97.45 mm at this time.

Weather in June: Average humidity with slight humidity in the air is 72% and the average temperature is 63℉.The weather is perfect it a great time to visit Vitznau. The highest temperature recorded this month is 84℉. An ideal season to best time visit in it. The average rainfall recorded around this time is 81.23 mm.

Weather in July-September: The maximum temperature recorded is 82℉ which would make you want to drink from a glass of chilled drinks at a nearby café, but the average humidity of 79% makes it a great time to visit in it. This time period sees an average rainfall of 111.8 mm.

Weather in October: Temperatures of 32℉ to 66℉ call for a pleasant afternoon exploration of Vitznau. Morning and evening weather can be a tad difficult to get out owing to the humidity reaching 79% making the weather cooler. Expect an average rainfall of 69.28 mm.

Weather in November-December: As the air is damp (humidity 82%) and temperatures are as low as 25℉, you can expect your winter weather in Vitznau during these months. The average temperature is 35℉. The average rainfall recorded around this time is 53.56 mm.

Climate of Vitznau per month:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2°C 2°C 7°C 12°C 15°C 19°C 22°C 22°C 17°C 13°C 8°C 3°C
70 mm 41 mm 54 mm 56 mm 96 mm                94 mm 89 mm 72 mm                45 mm                44 mm                49 mm 79 mm

Vitznau Hotels and Places to Accommodation:

  • Novotel Zurich City West,
  • Hotel Beau Sejour Lucerne,
  • Hotel Savoy,
  • Hotel Beausite,
  • ACASA Suites,
  • Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich,
  • Coronado Hotel,
  • Hilton Zurich Airport,
  • 25hours Hotel Langstrasse,
  • Hotel Interlaken,
  • Hotel des Alpes,
  • Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern,
  • Sunstar Hotel Grindelwald,
  • Hotel St. Gotthard,
  • ibis budget Zurich Airport,

Top Attraction of Vitznau Tour:

Have you ever travel a new place and felt ‘wow’ about it? For many visitors, this happens in Vitznau.

Vitznau may not be as beloved of all as other cities in Switzerland, but don’t let that fool you. It is a small but beautiful upcoming tourist destination worth seeing. There are some unique things to do and you’ll be amazed at the places you can explore in this hidden destination.

The Vitznau is located on a different shore of Lake Lucerne at the foot of the Rigi. At 439 meters (1,440 feet) it provides an alpine panorama that is mirrored in the lake. It is an hour’s drive from Zurich. Sporting holidays are especially popular in its from April to October. Amenities include swimming in the lake, indoor and outdoor pools and tennis courts on the lake. There are many inviting hiking trails – ideal for long walks – in the meadows, forests, and mountains. The Vitznau-Rigi railway begins at Vitznau on the shores of Lake Lucerne on the south side of the Rigi Mountains. The railway ends at Kulm peak, passing the Rigi-Kaltbad-First, Rigi Staffelhöehe, and Rigi Stuffel mountain stations. In the summer, old-fashioned steam trains travel to this stretch of electronic rack and pinion railway. Pause to enjoy the beauty of the resort before climbing the mountain. Departures occur every 30 minutes.

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